Friday, 5 October 2012

Mac Pro Sculpting cream in pure sculpture Review

Cream bronzers are actually a new concept to me. Ive read alot up on the chanel Soleil tan de chanel which is quite a similar product to this one. With the Chanel one retailing for £30 and the Mac one £17.50 the pro sculpting cream is a bit more in my price range however that still does not stop me from really really wanting some chanel products. Mac describes the Pro sculpting creams as " a cream-to-powder formula for sculpting and shaping key features. Silky-smooth, easy to blend and neutrally shaded. Apply where extra dimension is needed, eyelids included. Provides moist, skin soothing, natural looking sheer-to-medium buildable coverage". This product shade is on the warm side but I still love it to contour with, it is very blendable and leaves a nice subtle shadow giving me the illusion that I actual have cheekbones. The staying power of the pro sculpt cream is quite strong lasting nearly the whole day on me (but I have very long days). If you have oily/combination skin like me or just oily skin I would recommend setting the pro sculpting cream with a powder. 

 The Pro Sculpting creams come in six different shades: 
1. Accentuate - Peachy Beige 
2. Naturally Defined - Warm Beige 
3. Pure Sculpture - Neutral Pink Beige (I have this one)
4. Coffee Walnut - Deep Dirty, Cool Brown
5. Copper Beach - Warm Golden Brown
6. Richly Honed - Warm deep brown 



  1. i have accentuate and also copper beach... they're a bit scary going on but ive had fab results! xxx

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  3. I bought accentuate and pure sculpture and I'm still waiting for them to arrive. :) Everyone has given them nice reviews. I also was on the verge of buying the Chanel Bronze Universal but decided not to since I could buy 2 MAC sculpting creams for the price of the Chanel. The Chanel one has more product but I doubt I would have ever used it all up. xx